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Sunny days ahead..


We had a fabulous day in the sun! =) We had our bubble party! Thank you to all the parents that donated supplies to make this possible! We had so much fun!

And here are pictures of our last Readers’ Workshop with our towels and sunglasses! =) Enjoy!

And don’t forget about Show and tell tomorrow! Bring it in a bag!

IMG_0547 IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0554 IMG_0560 IMG_0563 IMG_0566 IMG_0567 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0573 IMG_0579 IMG_0580 IMG_0582 IMG_0584 IMG_0585

Chalk and Bubble Party!

Chalk and bubble day is finally here!!  Tomorrow morning, we will go outside from 9:45-11:00.  We will have 4 stations: sidewalk chalk, popsicles, playground, and bubbles.  All four of our first grade classes will be outside during this time!  Parents and siblings are welcome to come join in the fun as we plan on being outside all morning! 🙂 PLEASE send in a beach towel with your student. After lunch, we will be taking our reading time outside to enjoy each other and the weather! The kids will be able to sit and read with friends to celebrate our end of the year together! 🙂 Thank you to all the parents that helped make this party possible!


… The last week of first grade! Lets see if I can make it through the week with no tears =/

Bubble/Chalk Party: On Wednesday, June 5 we will spend a portion of our day enjoying the outdoors.  To prepare for our outdoor activities make sure your child comes to school wearing suntan lotion and comfortable clothes/shoes.  Your child can also bring a beach towel and sunglasses to use during our outdoor fun! We will be eating popsicles, making bubbles, drawing with chalk, and more, but we will also use the beach towel again later in the day as we head outside for our last readers workshop! Parents are welcome to stop by! We will be outside from 9:45-11:15ish!  

Show & Tell: Our first graders have been waiting all year for Show & Tell! We will have a Show & Tell morning on the last day of school! Everyone can bring in one item for the class to see! Please provide a paper bag in which the item can fit, write down 3 clues so we can guess what the item is! You may bring it in anytime this week! We will have our Show & Tell on Thursday June 6th. 

Georgetown School Library Open This Summer: This summer, our school library will be open for students to check out books. On Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00, students can stop by school to check out books and visit with their favorite teachers. I will let you know which dates I will be there! Research has shown that students who choose to read throughout the summer are more successful readers. Help to establish healthy reading habits and mark this on your calendars. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

We appreciate you!

I am so thankful for all of the support that each and every one of you provide for your first grader and our class as a whole.  This year has been such a wonderful year full of growth and learning! It is so fun to look at where our first graders are at this time of the year and remember back to who they were when they first came in to my classroom.  First grade is a year full of tremendous growth and it is an honor to be here witnessing the students’ growth first hand.

In the last few days of first grade, we get to spend some time thinking ahead to 2nd grade and making goals for their future.  I know these first graders will be able to attain many great things with the learning support system that you have helped build for them.

Thank you for helping to make your child’s year in first grade a successful one! Thank you to all the WEB readers, parent volunteers, and party planners. Also, thank you for just  being fabulous parents and supporting what we are doing in the classroom! 

Here is my attempt to try to get 24 first graders to take a picture… =)

IMG_9753 IMG_9776 IMG_9788 IMG_9793

Updates =)

Here is the report card survey if you have not taken it yet! Yes it is almost time for the end of the year report cards! Please take the survey and let me know if you would like to receive your report card via email or mail! Thank so much for your communication!

We had a writing celebration to celebrate our All About Books! We went around with sticky notes and read each other’s non-fiction books and left them compliments! It was so much fun learning about all the different topics! The kiddos did an amazing job with this unit! It was so much fun to see them work so hard on their books!

IMG_2680 IMG_2681 IMG_2684 IMG_2685 IMG_2686 IMG_2687 IMG_2688 IMG_2689 IMG_2690 IMG_2691 IMG_2692 IMG_2694 IMG_2695 IMG_2696 IMG_2697 IMG_2698 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2705 IMG_2706 IMG_2707

The end of the year is coming quickly and so is our end of the year celebration! We are going to celebrate outside with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, Popsicles, and fun!  We are all stocked up on FUN, but…we still need some supplies! If you could help that would be fabulous! We still need bubbles, LARGE bubble wands (Dollar Tree), popsicles, or sidewalk chalk. We hold our celebration on the second to the last day of school (June 7), so if you are willing to help supply us, you can feel free to send in your goodies anytime before that day. Thanks so much!

Screen-shot-2012-05-10-at-7.18.48-PM-wgl3eu-150x150 Screen-shot-2012-05-10-at-7.17.30-PM-mflu32-150x150 Screen-shot-2012-05-10-at-7.18.22-PM-25h0l47-150x150 Screen-shot-2012-05-10-at-7.17.08-PM-2fdwp03-150x150


Zoo & Carnival =)

The Georgetown Carnival is this Friday, May 24 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm!! Please note the corrected times. Wristbands will be $10 in advance or $15 at the Carnival. If you send money in for a wristband this week, they will not come home with your child, you can pick up reserved wristbands at the carnival! =)

**A BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANK TO MY AMAZING PARENTS! They came with positive attitudes, smiling faces, and umbrellas! We had so much fun and as I look outside today I am thankful we didn’t go today! =) So that is a positive! I really am so thankful for all of you! Thanks for coming and sharing this fun filled day with us! I seriously couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks to my mom’s who helped me this morning before we left, and for everyone in between, right up to getting on the buses! I enjoyed seeing grandmas and dads too! You truly are amazing parents and are definitely setting the bar high for next year =) Thanks again and enjoy the pictures! I only took a few, please email me any/all pictures you took at the zoo, I will definitely put them on the blog to share! Here are the ones I have gotten so far! =) Enjoy!

IMG_2737 IMG_2733 image-3 IMG_2739 IMG_2736 IMG_2735 IMG_2734 IMG_2732 IMG_2730 IMG_2729 IMG_2728 IMG_2727 IMG_2726 IMG_2740 image-4 image image-2 image-1 image-5 IMG_2741 IMG_2725

Zoo Schedule and Volunteer List

Zoo Schedule 


Parent Volunteer List 

Don’t forget to send your child to school with a lunch and $1.00

I will have copies of both documents for all my volunteers when they get to the zoo!

We will meet you there around 9:45.

Don’t forget to pack a lunch for yourself, money for you and any siblings to enter the zoo, and rain gear just in case!

Please email me with any other questions!


We are looking forward to our field trip to the zoo on Wednesday!   We are going to hope that the rain comes before or after our trip, but we will go RAIN OR SHINE!  We do need $1 from each student to cover the cost of the trip. Our PTC has graciously covered the raining fee for us.  Please send $1 to school with your child in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  Thanks so much!

Very Blessed =)

Last night when I was driving home from school, I was overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have your children in my classroom this year and to have such amazing, supportive parents! Yesterday the baby shower was absolutely amazing! I felt so special and so blessed! Thank you for putting in the time, money, and energy to celebrate my precious baby! My husband and I appreciate it so much! You are all amazing parents! I have learned so much from you! I can’t wait to have one of my own =) Thanks again for the beautiful celebration and all the beautiful gifts! We are so thankful!

Mr. and Mrs. O’Rourke